Price: $450

Seller: Christopher Wallace
State: Maryland
City: Baltimore
Zip code: 21218
Type: Pets

 Asian Arowana fishes of many kinds and other aquariums fishes available for promotional prices,
our arowanas and other aquariums arequality guaranteed and are very healthy.T
hey are delivered alongside Cites and Legalpermits.
We have arowanas and aquariums with sizes ranging from 4 inch to 30 inch.
contact us now and letus know the type of arowanas and other fishes you want to purchase and we shall match that for you,
currentlywe have the following arowanas fishes and others below available in stock and ready for sale,
Asian red arowana
King Super red arowana
Chili Red arowana
Golden arowana
Golden X back Arowana
Jardini arowana
Green and blue
Red tail golden arowana
Blue Base Arowana
24K Gold arowana
Malaysian Red Arowana
Silver Arowana
Red Dragon Arowana
panda gold
Green asain
panda wild blue
5" Black Arowana
Violet Fusion Super Red
High Back Red Tail Golden
Red Tail Golden Splendour
Blue Base Golden Crossback
two head arowanas
Banjar red
motoro stingrays
Hystrix Stingrays 
White Silver Fish couple
Golden Oscar Fish
Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn
Red Swordtails
  Contact us now and let us know the types of arowanas above that you are interested in andwe shall do our best to offer you with the best and healthiest fishes.
 We ship our fishesfrom our farms and other partner's farms in Singapore, indonesia and Malaysia;
 contact via 732 640-